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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner review

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Bronte Series Review

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group is one of the world’s leading industrial groups,spanning energy,logistics & infrastructure, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense.

MHI Group combines cutting-edge technology with deep experience to deliver innovative, integrated solutions that help to realize a carbon neutral world, improve the quality of life and ensure a safer world.

Key Features Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

1. Auto Mode

Using fuzzy logic algorithms, the unit can automatically determine the optimum operating mode and temperature settings.

2. Right / Left Louvre Swing

Vertical louvres automatically swing left and right to achieve even air distribution.

3. Eco Features

The unit operates at a slightly reduced capacity to lower power consumption while still maintaining a comfortable room temperature.

4. Self-Cleaning

A self-cleaning program is designed to be run regularly after use. It dries the indoor unit and filter to prevent the growth of mould.

5. Silent Operation

The unit can be set to operate with reduced noise levels, perfect for quiet times and during sleep.

6. Diagnostic Check

In the event of an error the internal microcomputer automatically runs a diagnostic of the system. The results of this can assist technicians in quickly identifying what needs to be fixed.

Specifications Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Brand : Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Front Panel Colour White

Reverse Cycle

Indoor Type : Wall Mounted

Power Supply : 1 Phase, 220-240, 50Hz

Refrigerant : R32

Manufacturer Warranty (Years) : 5 years

Number of fan speeds : 5

Review Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioner 

SRK71ZRA-W / DXK24ZRA-W (7.1kW), SRK80ZRA-W / DXK28ZRA-W (8.0kW), SRK95ZRA-W / DXK33ZRA-W (9.5kW)

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